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These are the real MVPs.  Members of this team are the smiling faces and the warm hearts that make The Foundry feel so personal and inviting.
Every week they prepare coffee and treats, guide newcomers, answer questions, and assist wherever possible.

If you have a servant's heart and love people, click below to get in touch with our ministry lead.


Fun and meaningful.  That is the heart of the Foundry Kids team.

Whether you have a gift for teaching, find joy in rocking babies or simply have a heart for shepherding children (sometimes literally just making sure they all feel included), the click the button below to get in touch with our ministry lead.



This ministry consists of musicians and audio-visual techs who want to offer up the gifts God has given them to proclaim his glory.  We strive to practice true worship in our own lives and create a welcoming, distraction-free place for others to do the same. 


Each week, we see about 50 families at our Food Pantry.  Through the incredibly generous partnerships with local businesses, the Capitol Area Food Bank, and our congregation, we are able to serve our questions asked.

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