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Why God?

Life is full of challenges, trials, and difficult circumstances that can leave us questioning God's purpose and presence. In this series we will ask the question “Why God?” for a variety of life’s toughest situations. Things that may be a hang up to our faith, to our belief, to even coming to church in the first place. But in the end, we will learn “Why God is the answer.”

The Hall of Flaw

This series will take a look at the flaws of those who are listed in Hebrews chapter 11, the “Faith Hall of Fame.” Through looking into the lives of Sarah, Moses, Jacob, and David, we will see human brokenness and God’s faithfulness. Ultimately, we will learn that our true role model of faith is Jesus.

What's In A Name

As we get to know people, their names become more than just words on a name tag; they bring to mind the personality and character of the person. We examine a few of the many names of God that invite us to know Him in a growing and intimate relationship.

Radical Expansion

There are hundreds of thousands of churches in America, so why plant another? The answer might surprise you as we hear from Tim Cole from Waypoint Church Partners.

The Good News

We've heard the gospel called "the good news", but really, why is it SO SO good?

How We Grow

Growing in the Gospel, in community, and on God's mission.

Elephant in the Room

Addressing the BIG topics such as gender, materialism, race, and more.

Jonah & the City

Following the Great Commission is God's mission for us...regardless of who the lost are.

The Increase

In order to win we have to decrease so He can increase .

Taking Enemy Ground

How we take enemy ground and with which weapons.

The Signs of Christmas

The signs given leading up to and after Jesus' birth point to exactly who the Bible says He is.

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